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A leading passive networking player
Telecom Tower - Networking the World
Silverton as a developer of Telecom Infrastructure provides services ranging from Telecom Network Planning and Design to Operations & Maintenance offering a complete range of services for telecom networks.
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Silverton - Solar PV and Small Wind Turbine (SWT) system
Deliver power supply and reduce usage of diesel generator (DG) apart from savings in electricity bill
Silverton - Telecom Shelter
Protection for all kinds of telecom equipment
Silverton offers a variety of turnkey engineering solutions such as structural and mechanical analysis, design and development requirements including foundation with expert engineering design group to satisfy customer requirements.
Silverton - Power Transmission Tower
supports for overhead power line
As an EPC Contractor, Silverton scope of work broadly includes Design, Optimize and Detailing of Power Transmission routes, Towers Design, Detail, Test, Manufacture including Galvanization, and Foundation, Erection, Stringing, Testing and Commissioning of Transmission Lines.
Green Energy Solutions
Welcome to Silverton Structures & Projects

SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS, our endeavor is to offer world-class passive infrastructure and add maximum value to the service providers. As the true pioneer in the field, we have deep knowledge of the operational needs, aspirations and dynamics of the market. Our business model of infrastructure sharing is based on building, owning, operating and maintaining passive infrastructure Structures & Projects capable multiple services and projects the model enables the client to convert their capital expenditure to a fixed and predictable operational expenditure allowing them to divert precious capital towards core activities.

SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS expertise lies in providing robust passive infrastructure solutions to telecom, energy, power, warehousing, solar energy providers thus adding value to their service by optimizing cost structure and enhancing reach. The services help the client in the start up phase to build presence in business, and also enable them to implement comprehensive and cost effective services.

SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS aim of Infrastructure Sharing is to maximize the use of existing structure facilities for telecom operators, Wind energy ,solar energy, power transmission which include network capacity and liabilities, existing base station sites, backbone, radio links and other resources to reduce infrastructure duplication and costs.

We practice Infrastructure Sharing in number of ways depending upon the required level of sharing which is driven by client needs and regulation.


By outsourcing their infrastructure requirements to SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS, Clients are able to save on Time and First phase investments

Availability of ready infrastructure from SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS enables the Clients to reduce their time to market.

By outsourcing their infrastructure requirements to SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS, operators are able to focus on their core activities of providing quality service, brand building and customer relationship.

Operating and maintaining the passive infrastructure is a cumbersome task, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas where power supply is intermittent.

SILVERTON STRUCTURES & PROJECTS serves as a single window one-stop-shop provider of infrastructure and services to telecom, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Power by undertaking the full range of responsibilities in building and maintaining the projects.